07/16/2012 11:17 am ET Updated Jul 19, 2012

Griffin Family Tragedy: 4 Texas Children Orphaned After Car Crash (How You Can Help)

Four Texas children who were orphaned after a tragic car accident are grieving the loss of their parents and struggling to figure out how to support themselves.

After hitting a slick spot and losing control of his car, Harold "Wayne" Griffin crashed into a tree July 8, Fox 26 in Houston reports. Griffin and his common-law wife, Jessica Vitello, died, and three of their four children, who were traveling with them, were treated for injuries.

"I really didn't think that anything like this, a tragedy, would actually happen," Frank Vitello, 17, who was not in the car, told the news outlet.

The four kids -- Connor, 4, Tyler, 6, Makayla, 13, and Frank -- are now living with their grandparents, who don’t have the means to support the expanded family, according to a fundraising website set up for the Griffin children.

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4 Kids Orphaned After Tragic Car Crash

“They've been going to and from the hospital, rushing to plan a funeral and scrambling to figure out how they're going to [take] care of four more kids,” the fundraising website explains.

The family hopes to raise money through the online fundraiser and a bank fund to pay for books, clothes, games, housing and food.

Frank, the eldest, said he has to put his mourning aside to help his siblings.

"I have to focus more on my sister and brothers now to make sure they grow up okay," he told Fox 26, "and help out my grandparents if they need it."

You can help support the grieving family by donating to the online drive or donating to “The Griffin Children” fund set up with Wells Fargo Bank. The account number is 8584792900, or search by the name Pam Brown.