07/16/2012 08:27 am ET Updated Jul 16, 2012

Michelle Obama Talks Travel In America And What Places She Wants To See (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The first family hasn't been able to, and won't it seems, take a vacation this summer, as the first daughters are off at camp, the President said. Plus, he's busy campaigning.

But that didn't stop Charlie Rose from asking the ever-ubiquitous question of President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, when they appeared on CBS Sunday Morning: Where do you want to travel around the world?

President Obama told Rose that Michelle wants to see more of India, but Michelle brought them all back to America saying that, as a family, they try to "check off" sites in their home country.

On the top of her list was New Orlean's French Quarter, a place she's never seen. The First Lady lamented that, when they have gone to New Orleans, they've only been working or sneaking through back doors, and haven't had the time or the pleasure to see New Orleans properly.

Charlie Rose asked Michelle if there was a Mardi Gras in her future, and she replied: "That's right. A jazz fest of some sort is out there."

The annual summer vacation to Martha's Vineyard by the first family was reportedly cancelled this year. Check out photos of the President leaving the White House, playing golf, and browsing at a bookstore during last year's Martha's Vineyard trip, as well as our favorite vacation photos of the President below.



Obama Vacation Photos