07/16/2012 09:06 am ET

'Sons Of Anarchy' Prequel Hinted From Kurt Sutter

If show creator Kurt Sutter has anything to do with it, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and the rest of the "Sons Of Anarchy" gang might get a little back story, according to Deadline.

Sutter told Deadline he would “love to do a prequel about the formation of the club" at Comic-Con this weekend.

A "Sons" prequel would undoubtedly be a thrill for fans of the FX drama, but they have a lot to look forward to in the show's upcoming season as well.

Not only will the series see a number of guest stars including Joel McHale, "Lost" veteran Harold Perrineau, Ashley Tisdale and Jimmy Smits, but Jax is in the midst of a transformation.

“Jax has been battling for four seasons about [staying with the club or leaving], and at the end of last year, he absolutely made the decision that he was going to stay," Hunnam said in an interview with TVLine. "And if he is going to be here, he’s going to make it work. This is a much more calm, mature, practical and driven Jax, which is going to be really exciting and fun to play.”

Season 5 of "Sons Of Anarchy" premieres on Tues., September 11 on FX.

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