07/16/2012 04:07 pm ET

Strangers Help Disabled Fan, Patrick Connelly, See Blake Shelton Concert (VIDEO)

A Blake Shelton concert became the site for an extraordinary random act of kindness on July 2.

Patrick Connelly, who suffers from several disabilities and is wheelchair-bound, was distraught when he realized that he wouldn't be able to see Shelton's performance.

“Patrick started crying because he couldn’t see Blake Shelton, he couldn’t see anything but the legs of the people in front of him,” Cheryl Connelly, his mother, told Fox 4 Kansas City.

Connelly and her daughter tried to raise Patrick up, but the women quickly became tired in the Kansas heat. All of a sudden, two men appeared and lifted Patrick off the ground. Despite 100-degree temperatures, the strangers held him up for almost half an hour, according to KMBC 9.

“It shows you that they cared,” a grateful Connelly told the news channel. “Today in this world you don’t see that much heartfelt kindness from strangers.”

Later, Patrick was able to go backstage and meet Shelton.

“I can’t thank them enough and what that meant for my family, and especially for Patrick, for what it meant for him to be able to see that,” Connelly told Fox 4. “It brought tears to my daughter and myself.”

The story then went somewhat viral and was picked up by social news site Reddit. "Maybe there is hope for humanity after all. thanks for sharing!" said one commenter.

Connelly is hoping that someone will be able to identify the men so she can thank them again for helping her son.

H/T: Reddit