07/17/2012 11:18 am ET Updated Jul 17, 2012

Obama's Girl Scout Cookie Favorite Revealed (VIDEO)

Who knew cookies could be so divisive?

At a Cincinnati town hall on Monday, an adorable young girl took to the microphone to quiz President Obama on his favorite Girl Scout cookie. After pausing for a few moments, Obama called her query "one of the toughest questions" and then revealed his pick: the 'mint' one.

While many in the crowd cheered his choice, at least one person booed.

"That's just me," Obama said, addressing the dissenter. "I didn't mean to create controversy here... You've got a different opinion, what are you, oatmeal?"

The person who booed admitted to being a peanut butter fan.

"Peanut butter is a good choice too, but I'm going with the mint," Obama said.

According to the Girl Scouts, Thin Mints are actually the most popular cookies, making up 25 percent of all sales.