07/17/2012 02:55 pm ET Updated Jul 18, 2012

US Air Guitar Championships San Francisco: The Best Moves Of 2012 (PHOTOS)

If there's one thing we've learned, it's that San Franciscans take being ridiculous very seriously. Hunky Jesus contest? No problem, I'll just grab my crucifix guitar. Statewide ban? We eat statewide bans for Bastille Day.

So it's no surprise that when the US Air Guitar Championships came to the Independent on Saturday, it quickly became an air-axe battle of mythological proportions.

According to the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the evening opened with a performance by "master of airemonies" Bjorn Turoque, and quickly spiraled into a celebration of "punny names, terribly great outfits and ridiculous faces."

But at the end of the night, all bowed to Justin "Seth Leibowitz" Hypes with his metal rendition of "Call Me Maybe."

Check out some of the night's best action with this excellent GIF slideshow courtesy of SF Weekly. Party on.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated the Justin "Seth Leibowitz" Hypes was a New Yorker, when he is in fact from San Francisco. US Air Guitar Championship clarified the issue on its website:

"Despite the confusion in the media, SETH LEIBOWITZ (real name Justin Hypes) won the San Francisco title. Over the years, Hypes has performed under several different names and personae. This year in San Francisco, he performed under the Christian name of New York City’s SHREDDY MERCURY, who was born as Seth Leibowitz."