07/19/2012 09:02 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Cooking For One: A Week's Worth Of Summer Recipes

Being single doesn't mean your meals have to suffer. If you're single and are tired of ordering in, eating out, or just not eating right, keep reading. You don't have to eat the same pot of soup for an entire week or freeze extra portions of those pesky leftovers because you hate to waste food. We've got a meal plan that can satisfy you for an entire week of dinners -- and the best part is you won't get bored.

Cooking for one is all about strategizing -- buying just what you need and nothing more and then learning how to incorporate those items in ways where you don't have repeat meals. For example, take our zucchini sandwich recipe. It uses half a zucchini, but that other half won't go to waste, because it will get sliced up for the pasta carbonara later in the week. And the steak sandwich and Thai beef curry both use sirloin steak, which means you can buy one package of steak and use it all in one week.

Here's a shopping list (click here for the shopping list) to make it easy for you to buy all the items you need to get dinner on the table for the enture week. Use it as your guide for the recipes in the following slideshow. Feel free to cook any meal any night.

Smart Tip: You can take any recipe on our site and change it to "1" serving -- just enter the number into the box above the recipe to adjust the ingredient list.