07/18/2012 05:39 pm ET

Joss Whedon 'Written By A Kid': Director & Dave Foley Battle A Giant Monster In Geek & Sundry's New Web Series (VIDEO)

How does Joss Whedon follow up his record-breaking summer blockbuster, "Marvel's The Avengers"? By fighting a one-eyed monster with a gun, shield and sword -- while convincingly wearing a cowboy hat -- of course!

The premiere episode of "Written By a Kid," a new web series featured on Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry YouTube channel, debuted online on Wednesday, and it features Dave Foley as an ill-fated milkman, Whedon as the leader of S.Q.U.A.T., and an adorable kid who really does say the darndest things.

If you want to see Whedon assemble his own ragtag group of misfits -- including the lovely Kate Micucci -- and fight a giant monster with a sword, then go ahead and what "Written By a Kid" above.