07/18/2012 06:35 pm ET

Jumping Wedding Photos: Croatian Newlyweds Jump From Cliff (PHOTOS)

When some couples decide to get married, they really take the plunge.

A pair of Croatian newlyweds were photographed as they jumped from a cliff into perfectly blue water while the groom wore a full tux, and the bride, her dress.

The photos, posted by Reddit user Misspelled_username, were taken by photojournalist Zvonimir Barisin. The photos were posted on Wednesday and garnered comments from Reddit users who showed concern for the bride's dress and her ability to swim wearing such a weighty frock.

Earlier this summer, another bride took a swim in her gown, though not so willingly. She and her entire bridal party fell into a lake when the dock they were standing on collapsed beneath them.

Not all wedding photos are as picturesque as the ones above, however. Click through the slideshow below to see some of the most awkward wedding snapshots.

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