07/19/2012 03:44 pm ET Updated Jul 20, 2012

Awkward Kiss: 'Virgin Diaries' Couple Has Been 'Practicing' Since Wedding

How could anyone forget Ryan and Shanna's horribly awkward first kiss on TLC's "Virgin Diaries"?

Certainly not the couple themselves, whose first ever kiss was broadcast on national television via TLC.

The two, who were featured in Wednesday night's return of "Virgin Diaries," told viewers that they have been "practicing" their kissing since their wedding day, when they smooched for the first time.

The couple admits that neither of them knew what to expect or what they were doing when they locked lips for the infamous kiss.

"I had never kissed a girl before I married Shanna and you know I wasn't really planning ahead, or thinking about what to do," Ryan told TLC.

His wife of one year felt the same way going into their first kiss, saying she went in "full force" due to her excitement.

If you need a refresher of just how awkward Ryan and Shanna's first kiss was, click through the slideshow below to watch a clip from their wedding day, as well as see nine other uncomfortable-to-watch lip-locks.

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