07/19/2012 01:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lincoln Memorial Proposal: Help Find This Newly-Engaged Couple (PHOTO)

On the evening of June 29, a man proposed to his girlfriend in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Another man, on vacation with his family, snapped a photo of the groom-to-be down on one knee. Now, the photographer is using Reddit to look for the unknown couple so he can deliver this very special photo.

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This is the second mystery engagement photo The Huffington Post has featured in less than two weeks.

On Friday, HuffPost Weddings shared Angela Golik's photo of a mystery military couple, snapped mid-kiss after a presumed engagement at the War Memorial in D.C. The photo spread like wildfire when Golik asked for help identifying the two lovers.

The couple eventually came forward -- though wish to remain anonymous -- and revealed that they had gotten engaged two weeks prior to when the photo was taken.

Now, it is time to help find the Lincoln Memorial couple.

The quick-moving photographer, whose Reddit username is wheelchaircharlie, posted his snapshot of the newly-engaged couple on Reddit and it is gaining traction.

"She said yes and we clapped," he posted on the thread. "If she had said no I wouldn't have posted it."

The thread has more than 2,300 comments from other Reddit users, many of whom paralleled this photo to the one circulating online earlier this week.

Do you know this couple?