07/19/2012 10:26 am ET

Photographer Kurt Stallaert's 'Bodybuilders' World' Gives Surreal View Of A Very Buff World (PHOTOS)

Have you ever fantasized that you were a tad more toned, even as a child? Those off-beat fantasies populate photographer Kurt Stallaert's "Bodybuilders' World," who takes the idea to radical extremes.

The Belgian artist and fashion photographer has created a peculiar alternate world where men, women and children look like they have been pumping iron since the moment they popped out of the womb. The surreal scenarios range from a Victorian era bedroom to an abandoned theme park. The strangest image just might be the schoolgirl in bunny ears lifting weights, although others are certainly contenders. The disturbing effects of superhuman enhancement remind us of Phillip Toledano's plastic surgery series, except while Toledano's subjects altered their bodies in real life, Stallaert's manipulations are all digitally enhanced.

We definitely wouldn't want to rock this steroid-chic look, but we have to admit there is something strangely seductive about the bulging muscles in the slideshow below. Do you agree?

Kurt Stallaert