07/19/2012 05:37 am ET

'Virgin Diaries': 34-Year Old Skippy Collects Belly Button Lint, Brings First Date Home To Mom's (VIDEO)

After the success of their first special featuring sexually inexperienced adults, TLC is back with more "Virgin Diaries" (Wed., 10 p.m. ET on TLC). The latest installment checked back in on Ryan and Shanna, who found viral fame thanks to their awkward first kiss caught on camera.

Could the same fate be awaiting Skippy, a 34-year old Mormon who lives in his parents' basement and uses a Shake Weight to prepare himself for sex?

As the episode progressed, viewers quickly learned that a Shake Weight prep routine was just the tip of the iceberg in strange behavior for Skippy. He has jars around his room filled with his own belly button lint that he's been collecting for 15 years, and he has t-shirts made up for prospective dates with "clever" lines on them.

With the cameras rolling, Skippy invited a new woman into his mother's home for a first date, and almost immediately started to make her uncomfortable. Maybe his problem is that he just comes on a little too strongly. Or maybe it's his mother peeking in on the couple to see how things are going.

Be sure to tune in for another hour of "Virgin Diaries" next Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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