07/20/2012 08:06 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Alessandra Ambrosio's Red Boots Are... Interesting (PHOTO, POLL)

We're big fans of Alessandra Ambrosio, from her gorgeous modeling work to her cute family (and, um, her admirable ability to get in tip-top shape just two months after giving birth).

But we're less keen on her recent fashion choices, which include a pair of boots that look like they got attacked by a Bedazzler. (That's right, a Bedazzler -- now take a few moments to reminisce about your childhood.)

The Victoria's Secret model was seen out in West Hollywood shopping with her husband, Jamie Mazur, and their purple-dyed pooch (who recently ruffled some feathers over at PETA). Alessandra's canine friend must have missed the color memo, because both Jamie and Alessandra were in red -- Jamie in skinny red pants and high-top kicks (are those wedges sneakers??) and Alessandra in those wild, Bedazzled ankle boots.

Sure, she's got the legs for 'em (and she's pulled off bright red before). But can the Brazilian model make a pair of shoes seemingly stolen from the set of "Mamma Mia" cool?

Decide for yourself, below.

alessandra ambrosio red boots

Alessandra Ambrosio's Best Covers

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