07/20/2012 07:10 pm ET Updated Jul 23, 2012

Christina Hendricks Reveals Her Favorite Vintage Stores In LA (VIDEO)

Actress Christina Hendricks doesn't just wear 1960s fashion when she's playing Joan Holloway on "Mad Men." Vintage is a way of life for her.

The redheaded beauty showed off her vintage faves with Laura Brown on episode two of BAZAAR's YouTube show "The Look." The two start at Hendricks' favorite vintage store, My Ulrika (on La Brea Blvd.), and then head to her go-to hat store, Ariane (on Melrose Blvd.).

From a metallic coat to a gypsy straw hat to the largest necklace we've ever seen, it's clear that Hendricks has a both bold and refined style. Perhaps her best piece of advice was, "The secret to wearing a hat is that you have to commit to it. You have to commit to these feathers!"

The actress explained that she first started shopping vintage when she was only 10 or 11 years old because there weren't many shops in Twin Falls, Idaho. "I learned to create my own looks, often times tragic," she admitted. She also shared that she went through more than one fashion "phase," including wearing black leather jeans every day. "I had my goth phase, which was pretty dramatic," she said.

When she was a model in New York, she was so broke that her outfits were a combination of cheap clothes from Strawberry and great vintage finds from stores in Vermont where "a lot of people didn't want the stuff that I wanted," she said.

Hendricks reflected that being on "Mad Men" changed her style to more tailored silhouettes and pencil skirts instead of the 1920's "baggy, floral, lacy things that probably weren’t the most flattering on me but they were just so gorgeous I just wore them anyway."


Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks