07/20/2012 08:53 am ET

Tell Us: What Would Be Your Questions For George Zimmerman?

Over the last 5 months, you've joined us in our tireless coverage of the Trayvon Martin case. From all over the world, you've shared your concerns, your anger and your fears about the case and it's implications for race relations in this country. Your input has always been poignant, passionate and at times, a little sad.

This week, we reported on George Zimmerman's interview with Sean Hannity and your response was enormous. Many of you reported displeasure with Sean Hannity's questions and even more displeasure with Zimmerman's answers. After reading your many comments on the topic, we took to Twitter to find out what you really wanted to know from Zimmerman. Here's what we asked:

Without a moment's hesitation, our Twitter family went IN. You left no stone unturned and for some of you (we're looking at you, @KingMike33) it was as though you had been waiting for the last 5 months for someone to finally ask you this question. Below are just some of your many responses. Your questions were so great, we even made a word cloud to help give a sense in a glimpse of what was foremost on your minds.

If you have any burning questions that you've been dying to ask George Zimmerman since the case began, share them in the comments. We'll keep add to this round up as the day progresses. Tell us, what are your #QuestionsForZimmerman?