07/20/2012 04:51 pm ET

Rich Kids Of Instagram: Annabel Schwartz, Teen Pictured, Reacts To Viral Tumblr (PHOTOS)

When a series of photos of the luxurious lives of the young one percent surfaced this week on the viral Tumblr "Rich Kids of Instagram," the world looked on in fascination, and judging from many comments, disapproval.

The Tumblr features photographs of kids, teens and 20-somethings -- inside gilded frames, no less -- in helicopters and private jets, lounging around palatial mansions, drinking champagne and driving sportscars.

Almost overnight, the Instagram snapshots that 19-year-old Annabel Schwartz uploaded of her decadent vacation in Saint-Tropez to share with friends and family became the subject of public scrutiny.

“My friends and I don’t want to be associated with this," Schwartz told Goodmorningamerica.com by phone from Saint-Tropez, where she is spending the summer. "This is very embarrassing."

But despite her embarrassment, Schwartz says that she isn't taking the criticisms to heart.

“We all grew up quite nicely but I don’t want to be embarrassed by the fact that I can enjoy myself in Saint-Tropez,” she said. “Everyone here considers themselves to be a lot more substantial than their father’s credit card. I’m a fashion designer. My girlfriend goes to Cornell. I don’t want to be represented by my money and my vacation experiences.”

And as the Atlantic Wire pointed out, the ostentatious, "showing off" quality of the photos is in line with the way we all use Instagram to share images of our lives with others. The article notes: "The very basis of Instagram is not just to show off, but to feign talent we don't have, starting with the filters themselves."

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