07/20/2012 12:01 pm ET

The Piano Guys: 5 Guys, 1 Piano Cover One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful' (WATCH)

Although the five piano guys who cover "What Makes You Beautiful" may not have the perfectly-coiffed hair and color-coordinated ensembles of the five One Direction boys, their now-viral instrumental rendition of the song practically rivals the original upbeat hit. Just days after The Pet Collective brought us Pup Direction singing "One Bark," YouTube group The Piano Guys have created arguably the most unique -- and beautiful -- One Direction cover to sweep the Internet.

The video, posted on Wednesday, has quickly racked up over 1.2 million views. Even if you've heard "What Makes You Beautiful" so many times that you can recite the lyrics in your sleep, this surpringly stunning cover is worth a listen -- and a watch, as the guys play not just the keys of the piano but also the strings and insides of the instrument.

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