07/21/2012 09:21 am ET Updated Jul 22, 2012

The Mosaic Man Jim Power Restores His Legendary Mosaic Trail In Manhattan's East Village (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Jim Power has been beautifying lamp posts and storefronts in the East Village since 1985. Three years later, the Village Voice dubbed him "The Mosaic Man" of New York City.

This week, Etsy is paying tribute to the once-homeless artist in a short video that tells the story of Power's legendary Mosaic Trail, which is, according his website, one of the the largest and longest-lasting examples of public art. In the video above, Power is interviewed about his life and legacy.

The trail consists of sidewalks, planters, lamp posts and facades that Power has adorned with mosaic designs, all depicting pieces of lower Manhattan's epic history. From gangsters like Al Capone to famous bands like The Grateful Dead to old city fixtures like the Yiddish theaters, "The Mosaic Man" creations stand as street-side homages to a neighborhood with a colorful past. Power is currently attempting to restore his trail to its former glory, as 50 lamposts were destroyed during Rudy Giuliani's anti-graffiti campaign in the late 1990s. But the mosaic murals are coming back full force, and if you head to the East Village now, you might be able to spot the always friendly Power in action.

Check out images of "The Mosaic Man's" designs in the slideshow below. They are also available in belt-buckle form at his Etsy store online.