07/21/2012 03:49 pm ET Updated Jul 23, 2012

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Thanks Marco Rubio, Penis-Frisking TSA, And Gets Annoyed At Farts

When Jimmy Fallon does his weekly "Thank You Notes" segment, half the fun is watching how Jimmy, announcer Steve Higgins and the Roots will amuse themselves in between Jimmy's notes.

This week, Jimmy had some good quips about Marco Rubio ("not a weird game kids play in the pool... Marco! Rubio!") and the man with the world's largest penis getting frisked by the TSA ("It took so long... I missed my flight"), and plastic surgery being "human PhotoShop."

But the real fun comes in the form of Jimmy and Higgins' bizarre Jim Nabors impressions throughout the segment, and Higgins making Jimmy uncomfortable by making fart sound effects into the microphone. Keep at it, guys.