07/22/2012 08:54 pm ET

Bill Clinton To Endorse Maggie Hassan In New Hampshire Gubernatorial Race

Maggie Hassan is about to get a high-profile boost to her bid to become New Hampshire's next governor, as former President Bill Clinton heads to the state to endorse her.

Clinton will endorse Hassan in Nashua on July 25, according to a release put out by Hassan's campaign. The former state Senate Majority Leader is currently competing against Jackie Cilley and Bill Kennedy for the Democratic Party's nomination.

“President Clinton’s record of advocating for the middle class and creating millions of new jobs and opportunity for Americans is second to none,” said Hassan in a statement. “I’m looking forward to campaigning with him and talking about how we keep New Hampshire moving forward and build a strong, innovative economy with the best workforce in the country."

While four Republican female governors are currently in office, the only two female Democrats -- Washington's Christine Gregoire and North Carolina's Bev Perdue -- are both stepping down after 2012.

New Hampshire is the only state that even has the potential to elect a female Democratic governor in the fall. Either Cilley or Hassan would have to win their Sept. 11 primary and then win the general election if the nation is to continue having a Democratic woman leading a state.

The most significant policy disagreement in the New Hampshire Democratic primary is around taxes. Hassan has pledged she will not support instituting any statewide income or sales tax. In the absence of such taxes, the government relies primarily on business and property taxes. Cilley refused to make any promises, saying she believes the state should have a conversation about the issue. Kennedy supports a proposal that would create the new taxes.