07/22/2012 03:58 pm ET

Roseanne Roasts Politicians: Romney, Obama, Christie & More (VIDEO)

Roseanne Barr has no problem making her feelings on politics known, which is probably why the would-be presidential candidate is being roasted on Comedy Central next month.

But before she gets taken down a peg by a dais of fellow comedians, Roseanne has a few zingers of her own to share, and wouldn't you know, most of them are aimed at politicians.

In the video above, Roseanne gives Ron Paul, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney and more a piece of her mind. Our favorite? Probably the one where she calls Chris Christie, "Rush Limbaugh without the charm."

She also lets President Obama have it, but seems to favor him more than Romney, if only slightly:

"He almost makes Romney look like he doesn't suck… Almost."

The Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne airs August 12.