07/23/2012 09:08 am ET Updated Jul 19, 2013

Red Carter 2013 Collection At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Miami Beach (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

"Ooh, she's been a bitch tonight!" hooted the opening voiceover in the Scissor Sister's "Kiki," as the lights went down at Red Carter's 2013 runway presentation at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim. "So I had to put on the wigs and the heels and the lashes and take the train to the club."

It was the perfect opening, of course, because not only does Red Carter do fashion theatre, but his models were in fact on a disco safari: rainbow-colored maillots and bikinis came out accompanied by disco ball "purses," then gave way to prints with tribal jewelry and woven hair cones, and then came the glitter in the form of beaded necklines, one truly stunning beaded triangle bikini, and three shimmering gold suits.

Not even Carter's exuberant styling and showmanship -- the finale involved two models wearing giant feathers -- could distract from how lovely is the swimwear in the collection. A grouping of graphic black and white suits drew audible approval from the crowd, and the final two taupe and gold one-pieces were constructed to perfection. A difficult-to-wear cut -- maillot with side cut-outs -- was made even more flattering on the model by an arrow pattern that hit just so. Everything fit like a glove.

Check out the collection in video above and images below:

Red Carter 2013 At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim