07/24/2012 08:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Majority PAC, Democratic Super PAC, Launches New Ads In Senate Swing States

Majority PAC, the super PAC supporting Democratic Senate candidates, launched a new round of attack ads in Senate swing states North Dakota, Virginia and Wisconsin on Tuesday.

The Wisconsin ad goes after Republican Senate candidates Tommy Thompson and Eric Hovde as individuals who made millions as Washington insiders. Thompson raked in millions as a lobbyist for pharmaceutical companies, while Hovde earned his wealth in "bailout-funded banks involved in fraudulent loans," the narrator says. The commercial began airing Tuesday morning in the Green Bay, Milwaukee and Wausau media markets.

The Virginia spot highlights the votes taken by former Sen. George Allen during his previous term in the Senate and labels him as a big spender in a bid to contrast him with Democratic candidate Tim Kaine. "Allen turned America's largest budget surplus into a massive federal deficit," the narrator says as the ad closes.

Finally, Republican Senate candidate Rick Berg is the target of the North Dakota commercial, which charges that by voting for the Ryan budget plan, Berg has voted to "essentially end Medicare."

Majority PAC raised $5.4 million in the first three months of the year, tripling its first-quarter haul. Its focus is to maintain Democratic control of the Senate.

Watch the Wisconsin ad, "Street Signs," below:

Watch the Virginia ad, "Big Spender," below:

Watch the North Dakota ad, "Trusted," below:


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