07/24/2012 05:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Insane Grills Made From Truck, Combat Tank (PHOTOS)

car grill

Check out this insane grill, pictured in an image posted to Reddit by user DonTequilo.

The user's post, titled "So I went to a burger joint in La Paz, Mexico...," shows a restaurant's grill outfitted with what seems to be the frame of a real truck.

It's worth checking out the comments on the page to which the image was originally uploaded. A couple are pretty hilarious. Writes one user: "YO DAWG! We heard you like grills, so we put grills in your grill so you can grill!!"

User btrezme responded with another example of grill ingenuity, seen below. "I'll see your truck engine barbecue, and raise you a barbecue made from a Leopard 1 tank." We're speechless.