07/24/2012 02:00 pm ET

Kate Gosselin Dating Show In The Works

Will viewers soon be tuning into "Kate + Mate"? According to E! Online, reality TV fixture Kate Gosselin has signed on to look for love on a new dating TV series. However, there's one problem: The show doesn't have a network home yet.

Gosselin shot to fame on TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8." After her marriage imploded in front of the cameras, the show was renamed "Kate Plus 8" and Gosselin competed on "Dancing With the Stars." In 2010 rumors swirled that Gosselin would be the next "Bachelorette" on ABC, but they were quickly squashed.

The last episode of "Kate Plus 8" aired in September 2011 with Gosselin promising she'd be back in the public eye soon, saying in May 2012 that the kids miss filming. Could this dating show be the ticket?

"She is ready to get back into the dating game," a source told E! Online. "She is ready to find love again and to move on from her past. She's excited, this is a chance to start something new."

So far Gosselin hasn't acknowledged the rumors on her official Twitter, but she has been tweeting up a storm about her kids. If the dating show doesn't pan out, maybe she can return to "Dancing With the Stars All-Stars." Check out our cast wish list for that below.