07/24/2012 05:44 pm ET

Kyle Lograsso, 10-Year-Old Who Lost Eye To Cancer, Golfs 100+ Holes And Raises $75,000 (PHOTOS)

When a rare form of cancer at the age of two led to the loss of his left eye, Kyle Lograsso was too young to fully comprehend what he was fighting.

Now at the ripe old age of 10, Lograsso gets it, and he's decided to hit back -- with his golf swing.

Lograsso finished a fundraiser last Friday where he'd pledged to golf 100 holes in one day, aiming to raise $50,000 to fight Retinoblastoma. But the ambitious kid actually ended up golfing 109 holes at The Legends Golf Club in Temecula, Calif., raising $75,000 (he played 55 of the holes barefoot, according to the Press Enterprise).

After golfing more than 12 hours straight, he told the paper, "I'm tired... Going-to-bed-at-8 o'clock tired."

At about 61 holes into the feat, Lograsso was his typical upbeat self, comparing it to a day at the beach:

My Valley News reports that Lograsso emerged as a golf prodigy at the age of three, and has never had a golf lesson or coach. When players ask him about his handicap, he jokingly replies, "I only have one eye."

Those interested in contributing to Kyle Lograsso's foundation, "Through Kyle's Eyes," can find more information, including a donation link at

PHOTOS of Kyle playing 109 holes of golf:

Kyle Lograsso, 10, Raises $75,000 To Fight Cancer
Kyle Lograsso, 10, Raises $75,000 To Fight Cancer

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