07/24/2012 01:38 pm ET

Melky Cabrera Catch: Giants Outfielder Gets Help From Fans After Amazing Grab (VIDEO)

In his first season playing in a San Francisco uniform, Giants fans have grown to love outfielder Melky Cabrera. The fans voted the .353 hitter (at the time) into the All-Star game and Cabrera rewarded them with a home run, along with being named MVP of the National League's victory.

On Monday night, Giants fans lent Cabrera another helping hand after he made a highlight-reel catch against the Padres.

San Diego left fielder Mark Kotsay hit a fly ball that faded into foul territory, but Cabrera was in position to chase it down. Just before he reached the stands along the third base line, Cabrera leaped up and made the grab while falling backwards into the first row.

But the fans were there to catch him and lift him up back to his feet. Cabrera showed the umpire the ball and the first out of the inning was recorded. As he made his way back to the outfield, he couldn't help but smile.

We can only wonder what would happen if that was an opposing player. The Giants went on to win 7-1.