07/25/2012 06:13 pm ET Updated Apr 09, 2013

Joseph Gordon-Levitt And 7 Other Fake Boyfriends Who Let Us Down

"Most pretty girls aren't funny."

When Joseph Gordon-Levitt uttered these words at a Comic-Con panel in July, it was hard to take.

When certain other celebrities make obnoxious remarks about women on a consistent basis -- (Cough, Daniel Tosh, cough, Adam Carolla), we're unsurprised. However, JGL always seemed like one of the good ones, someone we could safely harbor a wildly unrealistic crush on without guilt.

Joe has since retracted his statement and apologized, and we've begun to sort of like him again. A little. But it got us thinking about other male celebrities we've adored who haven't always lived up to our expectations. What's a woman to do when her celebrity boyfriend lets her down? In some cases, you can forgive -- or at least choose to forget. But for others, that deliciously unrequited love is lost forever.

Thank god for Ryan Gosling. Hey girl, he'd never let us down.

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