07/25/2012 11:21 am ET

Deep Questions From Kids: Reddit Users Share Surprising Comments From Children

Has your son or daughter ever ask a question so unexpected it stopped you right in your tracks? Or come up with a statement so deep, you think you've found the next Jack Handey?

When Reddit user thinwhiteduke99's daughter approached him with an existential inquiry -- asking, "How do I know that I'm real and not just a dream of someone else?" -- he took to the Internet to share the moment and ask other parents "what other surprisingly deep questions" their kids had posed.

Whether you try to give a thoughtful answer -- or simply give up, hoping your child won't go on demanding explanations you don't have -- these moments aren't easily forgotten.

Check out some of the best quotes shared on thinwhiteduke99's Reddit thread in the slideshow below, and then tell us: What are the deepest thoughts and questions your child has come out with? Tweet your answers to @HuffPostParents using the hashtag #deepkidthoughts and we'll add them to the slideshow.