07/25/2012 04:00 pm ET

Michael Phelps Watching 'Breaking Bad' And 'The Wire' In His Olympic Downtime (VIDEO)

How is U.S. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps keeping himself busy when he's not training or competing in the pool? Phelps is spending his downtime at the 2012 London games catching up on "Breaking Bad" and "The Wire." Yep, like the rest of America, he is hooked on quality TV dramas about drugdealers.

"I've pretty much just been watching TV shows. I started 'The Wire,' and I'm catching up on 'Breaking Bad,'" he told "Today." "A little bit of pretty much just sitting around watching shows and movies."

Life in the Olympic Village may be filled with hook-ups and good TV, but it's missing one vital component: air conditioning. Phelps will have to sweat it out in his quest for the all-time medals record: he needs to win three more medals to become the most decorated Olympic athlete of all-time.

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