07/25/2012 03:52 pm ET Updated Jul 25, 2012

Victor Valenzuela, Arizona Police Officer, Fired For Having Sex With Married Woman While On Duty

A Maricopa, Ariz., police officer was fired in March after an internal investigation revealed that he had sex with a married woman while on duty. According to police, officer Victor Valenzuela admitted to having a single sexual encounter with the wife of a local man, Perry Edwards. Valenzuela reportedly wore his uniform and drove his police car to the Edwards home while he was on duty.

Edwards became suspicious that his wife was having an affair after discovering sexual text messages on her phone, KTVK reported. The disgruntled husband believed that his wife's paramour was a Maricopa city cop. His sister, Roberta Schneider, brought it up with the police department, which launched its own investigation.

"He is supposed to be serving our community, not making booty calls in the back of his car," Schneider told 3TV.

Valenzuela reportedly showed remorse for his conduct, telling the police investigator that the signed up for a 12-step program for sex addicts following his encounter with the married woman.

This isn't the first time that Arizona police have gotten into sex-related trouble. In April 2010, CBS Phoenix reported that a pair of on-duty officers took advantage of a drunk woman following a traffic stop.

The officers were fired after an internal investigation showed that one cop fondled the woman, while the other "turned a blind eye" when he could have stopped it.

In February, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu, a law enforcement official lauded by conservatives for his tough stance on immigration, was forced to step down as Mitt Romney's campaign co-chair in the state after admitting to having a gay relationship with a Mexican immigrant.

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