Colbert's One-Man Show Proves Obama Wrong: Host Does 'The Word' By Himself (VIDEO)

Pretty much everyone has weighed in on Obama's "you didn't build that" comment, including Jon Stewart and Lewis Black. But Stephen Colbert has upped the ante by proving Obama wrong.

You see, every time award season rolls around, Colbert has to share the spotlight with the other attention-grabbing people who work on his show; expendables like writers, directors, lighting technicians and graphics people. Well no more.

Proving that he CAN do it all by himself, Colbert took matters into his own hands on Wednesday and presented a one-man-show version of his popular recurring segment "The Word." With only a desk lamp, a handwritten lower third, and dry erase board at his side, the host presented the segment in a way that was practically indistinguishable from every other time we've seen it... aside from the slightly slower pace and the choking.



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