07/26/2012 04:42 pm ET Updated Jul 29, 2012

Courthouse Fist Fight: J.C. Waller, Matt Marshall, Murder Suspect's Son And Witness, Throw Punches In Jackson, Missouri (VIDEO)

The son of a man accused of murder traded blows with a witness for the prosecution outside a courthouse in Jackson, Mo., on Wednesday.

The fight took place outside the Cape Girardeau County courthouse during a 10-minute break in proceedings from the preliminary hearing in the murder trial of Clay Waller, whom prosecutors allege killed his estranged wife, Jacque Sue Waller, in June 2011.

In the video above, the man in the orange shirt is Matt Marshall, one of 17 witnesses called to testify against Waller on Wednesday. According to USA Today, Marshall said that he heard Waller talk multiple times about killing his wife.

Waller's son, J.C., can be seen confronting Marshall in the video. After what appears to be a brief argument, Marshall punches J.C. Waller in the face. Waller backs away as Marshall lunges at him, falling on the ground. Then Waller punches Marshall.

The Greenville News reports bystanders broke up the fight and that both men were arrested after police looked at the footage captured by the paper's photographer.

Earlier this month, a family-on-family brawl erupted outside a Florida courthouse. That courthouse fist fight resulted in a broken jaw and several misdemeanor charges, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article failed to indicate that the men were arrested after police viewed the video footage captured by the Greenville News photographer.