Diana Gould: Centanarian Becomes Oldest Olympic Torchbearer (VIDEO)

Centenarian Diana Gould became the oldest of the 8,000 Olympic torchbearers who have aided the flame's 70-day journey around the United Kingdom when she carried it to Middlesex University in London on Thursday.

"The sun was a bit hot, but the walk was fine," Gould said.

The centanarian is no stranger to working out. She played badminton until she was 86, and continues to lead exercise classes for the elderly in her neighborhood, some younger than she is. Gould was nominated by her granddaughter Alexandra, The Telegraph reports, "because of her life-long commitment to sport."

Diana Gould was one of the 7,300 torchbearers selected via nomination for their achievements or contributions to their communities -- the remaining 700 are composed of celebrities and athletes. Rupert Grint, known for his role as Ron in the "Harry Potter" films, relieved Gould, continuing the flame's journey to the Olympic Stadium for Friday's opening ceremonies.

What's next for Gould? "I'll be watching lots of the Olympics on the television, I'm really looking forward to it –- and at my age you have to take every day as it comes, every day is a bonus," she told The Guardian earlier this month. Her portrait will also appear in the National Portrait Gallery's Road to 2012 exhibit, alongside images of Olympic hopefuls and her fellow torchbearers.

Check out the video above to watch Diana Gould's triumphant walk with the Olympic flame.



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