07/26/2012 12:15 pm ET

Hugo Chavez: Drink Juice, Not Coca-Cola Or Pepsi

His motives may not be of pure interest in public health, but Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has insisted that citizens of his country trade sugary Coca-Cola and Pepsi for Venezuelan-made fruit juice.

According to the Associated Press, Chavez advised Venezuelans to drink Uvita as a way to increase domestic goods consumption.

"This juice is delicious," Chavez assured everyone, according to Noticias24.

The controversial but charismatic president frequently uses TV and radio as pulpits for his marathon talks, at times urging listeners to eat healthily, exercise and avoid drugs and alcohol, according to the AP.

This particular session, however, seemed to have more to do with taking on the world soft drink giants in the name of Venezuela's economy, according to Russia Today, as state-run Corpozulia produces Chavez's drink of choice.

Given Chavez's recent "miracle" recovery from cancer, perhaps there's something to his health advice.

Or maybe he's just thinking of changing his name to "Jugo" Chavez (Spanish for juice), as one Reddit user suggested.



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