07/26/2012 01:32 pm ET

Joel McHale On 'Live! With Kelly': Guest Host Makes Up For Chair Situation With Kelly Ripa (VIDEO)

While co-hosting “Live! with Kelly” on Wednesday, Joel McHale neglected to pull out Kelly Ripa's chair, and momentary awkwardness ensued as she strained to move it herself. In our duty as chroniclers of daytime TV's most cringe-worthy moments, TV Replay put together a clip jokingly highlighting the "Community" star's tiny breach of talk show etiquette, and it seems McHale really took it to heart.

He made amends on Thursday's "Live! with Kelly," proving that chivalry is not dead: Not only did he pull out Kelly’s chair and shower her with roses, but he also carried her -- and her chair -- to her desk. When a confused Kelly asked, “Why are you doing this?” McHale said he was making amends.

"Apparently I did not pull out your chair yesterday," McHale explained. "I didn't even notice, I swear," Kelly said.

Explaining how the moment went viral, McHale quipped it was covered by "The New York Times, BBC ... no actually, I think it was I am not joking."

With McHale back Friday for one last day as guest host on "Live!," we hope to see more gentlemanly gestures.

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