Kristen Stewart, Rupert Sanders Cheating Scandal: Hollywood's Infidelity Ties

Twi-hards may be losing their minds over Kristen Stewart's admission that she cheated on longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her 41-year-old "Snow White and the Huntsman" director, Rupert Sanders. But the scenario -- young starlet seduced by much older director -- is one Hollywood has seen plenty of times before.

Stewart's on-set scandal actually harkens back to the late '60s. While filming 1966's "The Family Way," then 20-year-old British actress Hayley Mills took more than a little direction from the film's director, 53-year-old Roy Boulting (hat tip, Sarah Weinman), who was still married at the time to Enid Munnik. But unlike Stewart and Sanders' public mea culpas, which infer that their romance began and ended on set, Mills went on to marry Boulting -- after he left his wife, of course -- and had a child together.

And Mills isn't the only one with whom Stewart shares a parallel plot line. The infidelity story is oddly similar to her "Adventureland" character's tangled love life. In the 2009 teen flick, Stewart's character breaks Jesse Eisenberg's lovestruck heart when he finds out she was romantically involved with the amusement park's older handyman, played by Ryan Reynolds. But, in the end, Stewart and Eisenberg's characters find a way to make it work.



Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson