07/26/2012 03:13 pm ET Updated Jul 29, 2012

Shower Victim 2 In Jerry Sandusky Case Plans Civil Lawsuit Against Penn State, Voicemails Released (VIDEO)

Victim 2 in the Jerry Sandusky case has come forward and plans to file a civil lawsuit against Penn State University. His name has not been released.

Victim 2 was seen in an "extremely sexual" situation in a campus shower with Sandusky on Feb. 9, 2001 by Mike McQueary, then a graduate assistant. McQueary later testified at trial he heard "rhythmic slapping sounds," and could not confirm whether it was intercourse. He did say it was sexual in nature.

According to a report on the investigation lead by former FBI director Louis Freeh, McQueary told then-head coach Joe Paterno what he witnessed Sandusky doing. Paterno failed to report Sandusky, a one-time assistant coach, to the authorities.

"Our client suffered extensive sexual abuse over many years both before and after the 2001 incident Michael McQueary witnessed in the Penn State Lasch building shower," Victim 2's attorneys said in a statement. "Penn State has now admitted, and there is no longer any question that its top officials could have and should have prevented these acts."

In a statement released this morning, Victim 2's legal team -- Joel Feller and Matt Casey from Ross Feller Casey LLP, and State College attorneys Justine Andronici and Andrew Shubin -- said they have overwhelming evidence from their own investigation that they plan to bring forward.

Victim 2's legal team released voicemails from Sandusky online Thursday from as recent as September 2011. One example transcribed:

"…Jere. Um. I am probably not going to be able to get a hold of anybody. Um. Uh. Probably ought to just go forward. Uh. I would be very firm and express my feelings, uh, upfront. Um. But, uh, you know, there is nothing really to hide so. Um. If you want, give me a call. You can call me on my other cell phone or on this one, either one so. Alright, take care. Love you. Uh. Hope you get this message. Thanks."

Penn State's Board of Trustees already confirmed multiple civil lawsuits have been levied against the school, and they hope to settle out of court.

"President Erickson and the Board of Trustees have publicly emphasized that their goal is to find solutions that rest on the principle of justice for the victims," Penn State spokesman David La Torre told McClatchy in a statement.

More from Victim 2's legal team's statement:

Jerry Sandusky's abuse of Victim 2 and other children is a direct result of a conspiracy to conceal Sandusky's conduct and the decisions by top Penn State officials that facilitated and enabled his access to victims. We intend to file a civil lawsuit against Penn State University and others and to hold them accountable for the egregious and reckless conduct that facilitated the horrific abuse our client suffered.

Our client has to live the rest of his life not only dealing with the effects of Sandusky's childhood sexual abuse, but also with the knowledge that many powerful adults, including those at the highest levels of Penn State, put their own interests and the interests of a child predator above their legal obligations to protect him.

The same legal team also represents other Sandusky sexual abuse victims "including, but not limited to, those referred to as Victim 3, Victim 7 and Victim 10," as well as Sandusky's adopted son.



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