07/27/2012 02:12 pm ET Updated Jul 27, 2012

Katherine Jackson To File For Joint Custody Of Prince, Paris, Blanket

Just two days after she temporarily lost guardianship over her three grandchildren (the late Michael Jackson's children), Katherine Jackson will file for joint custody with the King of Pop's nephew, T.J. Jackson.

A lawyer for the 82-year-old Katherine said that the new arrangement will lessen the burden of day-to-day tasks that have proved increasingly difficult for her while still maintaining her authority as a guardian of Prince, 15; Paris, 14; and Blanket, 10.

Katherine lost her custody rights on July 25 after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled that she had been unable to oversee the children properly due to the involvement of others. The judge installed Michael's nephew T.J. (son of Tito) as a temporary guardian over Prince, Paris and Blanket.

The "pleading will essentially now legally reflect how Mrs. Jackson and T.J. have often shared responsibilities of raising the children since Michael Jackson's tragic passing," Perry Sanders, a lawyer for Katherine, told TMZ. "[The arrangement] reflected wishes of [Michael Jackson's] children."

The new arrangement, Sanders notes, will still keep Katherine as the sole person in charge of the family's allowance, which is a reported $70,000 per month.

On Thursday, the eldest Jackson child, Prince, tweeted a series of messages that expressed his disapproval of the way his family had handled the recent drama. He said that Katherine had been essentially manipulated and lied to, then threatened to "continue with the truth" . Katherine appeared to return home to the children in Los Angeles early Thursday morning.

"Mrs. Jackson is extremely pleased with the prospect of enjoying the pleasure of raising Michael's children without the day to day tedium of items such as managing the large staff that goes with such a high profile family and focus her attention on being a grandmother and raising Michael's children," Sanders said.