07/27/2012 05:09 pm ET Updated Jul 28, 2012

MTV 'House Of Style' Decodes The French Look: Fashion Flashback! (VIDEO)

Most fashion-philes are already well-aware of MTV's plans to resuscitate the '90s hit series "House Of Style." They're stoked for the forthcoming online version that promises a new buzz-worthy host and revamped, viral content. But are these style fanatics familiar with the original show?

Since we have no doubt that the updated version is going to be widely watched, we thought we'd offer a "House Of Style" refresher with a clip from the series premiere in 1989. Fashion was certainly different back then -- the silhouettes were exaggerated, the lips were lined, the eyebrows were big and the hoop earrings were even bigger. And, thankfully, Cindy Crawford was there to walk the nation through it all.

As France celebrated its bicentennial that year, the supermodel host introduced a segment dissecting the French look. Among her expert commenters? Winona Ryder in a blonde wig and wedding dress explaining that French style means "big lips and little dresses" and Jean Paul Gaultier with bleached tips (remember those?) instructing viewers in a thick French accent, "When you are yourself, always good."

Take a moment to indulge in late '80s nostalgia and watch a clip of the not-so-humble beginnings of MTV's "House Of Style." Do you think the new version will become a classic like its predecessor?

Check out Cindy Crawford's style evolution. Who do you think will be the show's new host?

Cindy Crawford's Style Evolution

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