07/27/2012 02:39 pm ET Updated Jul 27, 2012

Noah Udell, iPhone Thief, Caught By Brian Hester And Chase Bunn In Lower Manhattan Chase (VIDEO)

Two heroic New Yorkers stepped up to the call of duty on Thursday when a thief ran away with a woman's iPhone in broad daylight.

The New York Post reports our good samartians, Brian Hester and Chase Bunn were taking a cigarette break when they spotted a woman attempting to chase down the thief after he pushed her and successfully swiped her phone.

The two men sprinted across Lower Manhattan and eventually caught up with the thief, identified as Noah Udell. A crowd of bystanders quickly gathered around them, and Hester whipped out his own cellphone to record the incident.

The result is a feel good New York story.

Udell has since been charged with second-degree robbery and assault. As for Hester, he received a free cup of Starbucks coffee for his good deed.

The city has seen a staggering 44 percent rise in iPhone and smartphone thefts throughout the five boroughs this year.