07/27/2012 01:18 pm ET

Olympic Training: Games-Ready Workouts For Couples

Some athletes work for nearly their entire lives for a chance to compete for the fabled Olympic gold.

Grueling workouts and training sessions give these competitors some of the hardest bodies on the planet, and we get to watch them in their sweat-drenched glistening glory on TV while we lay on the couch, wishing we were there too.

Well, maybe you can't be there, but who says you can't have a Olympic-worthy body for your Big Day?

If you're dying for a six-pack of abs, put down that six-pack of beer, grab your partner and check out these workouts, offered up by professional trainers Shirley Archer, Macey Leigh Henderson, Liz DiAlto and Lisa Wheeler. They'll have you walking, lifting and swimming your way to a gold medal body.

Click through the slideshow to start warming up, working out and slimming down.

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