07/27/2012 07:35 pm ET Updated Jul 29, 2012

I Approve This Message 'Outliers'

Nate Silver looks at the different stories told by state and national polls.

Drew Linzer offers suggestions for how to follow the campaign.

Bill Galston sees little parallel between 2012 and 2004.

Purple Strategies summarizes some troubling trends for Obama.

The Pew Research Center reports on voters' views of the candidates' religions.

David Hill hits the Obama campign for spending $15 million on polls.

Jon Bernstein expects no vote preference shakeup from the new GDP numbers; Nate Cohn has more.

Andrew Gelman, Larry Bartels and Chris Wlezien go back and forth on trends in political partisanship.

Andrew Levison dives deep into the political attitudes of the white working class.

PPP explains its coming shift to "likely voters."

Nieman Labs reviews HuffPost Pollster's API.

The Census announces a public programmers API for census data.

Facebook ponders opening up their data to social scientists (via Alex Lundry).

Inside Higher Ed reports on a market research survey disguised as a better known survey.

CSPAN broadcasts a Brookings panel on new survey tools for evaluating campaign ads.

Annenberg scholars find Americans resist tailored advertising (aka microtargeting).