07/27/2012 12:40 pm ET

'Parks And Recreation': John McCain, Barbara Boxer, Olympia Snowe Film Cameos

Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is climbing the political ladder.

Poehler and the rest of the "Parks and Recreation" cast headed to Washington, DC last week to film cameos with John McCain, Barbara Boxer and Olympia Snowe.

Poehler was particularly excited, thanks to a shower scene she had filmed with McCain on "
Saturday Night Live" in 2002, and she was thrilled that he remembered the event just as vividly.

"Do you remember when we shared a shower together?" he asked upon their reunion, according to The New York Times.

But a chance to work with Poehler again wasn't McCain's only motivation behind guest starring on the politically-charged NBC comedy. “It’s one of my favorite shows," he told The Times. Sen. Barbara Boxer shared the sentiment. “It’s a cute show,” she said, “and it’s related to my work -- a little bit.”

Pawnee's DC invasion came on a much-needed day: Last Thursday, July 19, was the same day the cast received the news that "Parks & Rec" hadn't received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy much to the disappointment of the show's cast, crew and fans (including the HuffPost TV staff).

"Parks and Recreation" returns to NBC on Thurs., Sept. 27 at 9:30 p.m. ET.