07/28/2012 01:38 pm ET

'Dark Knight Rises' Box Office Sales Stumble Due To Aurora Shooting, Olympics

Despite the Aurora, Colorado shooting at last Friday's midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises," the summer blockbuster had a solid opening with $160.9 million in ticket sales, but the film's second weekend is boasting weaker numbers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "The Dark Knight Rises" is expected to rake in $59 million this weekend -- a seemingly impressive total that is unfortunately $16 million behind the second weekend of the trilogy's sophomore film, "The Dark Knight."

THR suggests that audiences are not only forgoing a night at the movies because of the Colorado massacre, but also because of the Olympics -- bad timing that could result in a 30 percent box office decrease from last year.

But the Christopher Nolan series ender isn't the only film to fall flat at the box office this weekend. The Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn comedy, "The Watch," rang in at only $4.5 million in ticket sales. The highly anticipated flick, which also boasts Jonah Hill, even fell behind dance franchise "Step Up Revolution," which grossed $4.9 million despite its less than stellar reviews.

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