07/28/2012 12:21 pm ET

Mischa Barton's Extreme Paparazzi Story, Photographer Lets Air Out Of Star's Tires

When a star-in-the-making is finally given their key to the celebrity clubhouse, they turn in their civilian badge along with the privacy privileges that come along with it. But we can all agree that there are situations when hungry celebrity photographers go way to far.

Mischa Barton took to Twitter to share a story of a paparazzo who went to extreme lengths to get a few photos of the often bullied star.

"Thanks a lot to the photographer who decided to let the air out [of our] tires and watch us pump them back up," Barton tweeted.

The former "The O.C." actress went on to tell her Twitter followers that recent paparazzi incidents even brought her to tears, after photographers began hounding the star and her boyfriend while they were swimming at a secluded Formentera beach.

"Haven't been so upset about paparazzi pictures online in a long time," she continued.

But Barton isn't the only one to let out her paparazzi-induced frustrations on the social networking site. Miley Cyrus is also a very vocal paparazzi-hater -- and for good reason.