07/29/2012 11:03 am ET Updated Jul 30, 2012

The 17 Most Ridiculous Videos Of Summer Festival Buffoons

Strap on the neon, break out the "Woos!", and revel in the glory that is summer music festival season idiocy.

There are already a flurry of videos flooding the Internet of crowd surfing FAILs, botched gymnastics and all-around ridiculous people with rally cries of, "They may take our Herp! But they will never take our Derp!" So, we decided to collect some of the best all in one place. Herp.

Have you seen that guy who can't manage to keep his flip-flop on at Coachella? Friends, that's just the beginning.

From Coachella and Sasquatch to Bonnaroo and Electric Zoo, check out the most ridiculous festival Buffoons doing what they do best. Woo! Derp!

NOTE: This collection contains some NSFW language, two giant stuffed penises, and one instance of a girl in a bikini trying to get it on with a tree. Proceed with caution.

Summer Festival Idiots