07/30/2012 10:24 pm ET

Emma Stone & Cameron Crowe Team For New Film; Is It Long-Lost Crowe Project 'Deep Tiki'?

As Ione Skye, Bridget Fonda, Renee Zellweger, Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschanel, Penelope Cruz, Kirsten Dunst and Scarlett Johansson know, a young Hollywood ingenue hasn't really arrived until she's starred in a Cameron Crowe movie. Which is why you can officially add Emma Stone to the club. According to Deadline.com, the "Amazing Spider-Man" actress is negotiating to star in an "untitled love story" that Crowe wrote and will direct for Sony. (THR.com also confirmed the news and noted that Scott Rudin will produce.)

Little other details are offered by Deadline.com's Mike Fleming, but Variety reporter Jeff Sneider tweeted soon after the news that the film could be a rewrite of one of Crowe's long-lost projects.

For those who don't remember -- and you'd be forgiven for not -- "Deep Tiki" was a project Crowe had hoped to make after "Elizabethtown," with Reese Witherspoon and Ben Stiller set to star. According to The Playlist, which reviewed the film's script in 2008, "Deep Tiki" -- as it came to be known -- was set in Hawaii and centered on "military contractor Brian Gilgrest (Ben Stiller) who has to navigate and juggle the politics of the bosses, the supernatural myths of Hawaii's spiritual leaders, the emotions for his almost-ex-wife (not cast? or Reese Witherspoon?) and the tricky feelings he develops for [an illegal satellite launch]." No word on how close the new untitled film follows that log line, if at all, but it's intriguing speculation nonetheless.

For Stone, the untitled film would be yet another collaboration with Sony. The actress has previously worked with the studio on "Superbad," "The House Bunny," "Zombieland," "Easy A," "Friends With Benefits" and "The Amazing Spider-Man." That latter film is currently closing in on $700 million in worldwide grosses.

For more on the untitled film, including what kind of script you can expect from Crowe, head over to Deadline.com.

[via Deadline.com]