07/30/2012 04:58 pm ET Updated Aug 07, 2012

Willie Nelson, Flo Rida To Perform For Vets During 2012 Democratic And Republican Conventions [UPDATE]

Those near the Democratic and Republican nominating conventions this year can show support for the troops while getting entertainment from Willie Nelson and Flo Rida, courtesy of a new organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families.

Got Your 6, a nonpartisan organization that advocates for veterans and military families, announced the fundraising concerts today in a statement to The Huffington Post.

"This election cycle is extremely important for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, making it especially important for Got Your 6 to bring increased awareness of veteran issues to both parties at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions," said Chris Marvin, the organization's executive director. "With the support of this amazing line-up of artists, our two concert events this fall will bring a national spotlight to the urgent need for programs that bridge the gap between military service and civilian life."

Country artists Willie Nelson and Jerry Jeff Walker will be performing at the concert on August 29, 2012, during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. And Grammy-nominated rapper Flo Rida will perform a week later, on September 5, near the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

"These are not a political concerts," said Greg Propper, a spokesman for Got Your 6. "They are awareness events that celebrate this generation of veterans, while making people realize the talents and skills they bring to the table. We're happy to be hosting these at both conventions, because we believe this is one issue where both sides can agree."

Got Your 6, which is sponsored by consortium of movers and shakers in the entertainment industry, began this year with the mission of improving the lot of military families and soldiers as they return home. The organization recently released a PSA that included Tom Hanks, Pharrell, Alec Baldwin, Bradley Cooper, Sarah Jessica Parker and Tracy Morgan.

More than a million members of the military will be re-entering civilian life over the next five years, according to the organization, and Got Your 6 is organizing efforts to ensure successful reintegration into their communities.

UPDATE: 8/7 -- Willie Nelson and Jerry Jeff Walker are no longer scheduled to perform during the 2012 GOP nominating convention and will be replaced by country artist Randy Travis.

"Willie Nelson and Jerry Jeff Walker had been set to appear at the Got Your 6 Tampa event, but due to a scheduling conflict, their appearance in support of the movement will take place at a later date," said an organization spokesman.

Flo Rida is still scheduled to perform during the Democratic convention.


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